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June 29th, 2009 | Category: Random

First — I’m releasing 4scrape source code. It’s a pile of shit, written back when I was complete shit (instead of mostly shit) with Haskell. It’s a giant fucking mess etc. Feel free to run your own 4scrape instance or whatever (if you can figure out how to deploy the thing lmao) I don’t really care. Don’t ask me any questions about how to set it up because I’m not going to spend time supporting it.

Anyway, the parts for my new media machine just came in today!!

I’m not planning on putting HDD/optical drives in the thing (case is too small lmao). Instead I’m going to run 150′ of ethernet cable to the fileserver in the basement on the other side of the house (because the wireless doesn’t make it past the fireplace’s brick walls).

So it’s like 9:30PM and I’m pulling cable out of the boxed spool walking through the kitchen, down the hallway, into a bedroom. As I’m opening up the window to throw the box outside to the basement door, A FUCKTON OF FUCKING WASPS FLY IN OUT OF FUCKING NO WHERE JESUS FUCKING CHRIST THERE’S A FUCKING NEST IN THE GODDAMN WINDOW OH FUCKING SHIT. So I slam the fucking window shut and run out of the room, locking the wasps in with my spool of cat5 cables.


Will deal with it later.



June 28th, 2009 | Category: Random

Oh man, I brewed some beer today. Made the wort for a nice Hefeweizen — it’ll be 2-3 weeks before I bottle it, and another 2-3 weeks before the bottles are drinkable. Have 5 gallons of the shit — about 48 bottles worth. Moreover, brewing beer is surprisingly easy; I might have to get carried away with it :3

On the Haskell side, I wrote a TCP multiplexer. It’s a toy, but I like doing random things with MUDs and shit and it’s really useful for that kind of stuff (ie, writing bots etc). The code is written in a very Erlang style, calling forkIO twice for each client and using a bunch of STM channels to pass messages around. Probably a better way to do it but this was the most coherent in my mind.

Also, the mux function is an unfortunate mess etc. lol haskell.



June 27th, 2009 | Category: Random

I mentioned (discreetly) the other day that I had written an Omegle client library in Haskell. After working out some kinks yesterday and this morning, I now have a simple CLI Omegle app which lets you chat with people without using a browser. Wrote the CLI app as a test of the client library but etc, probably not going to do anything else with it.

  • WWW.Omegle
  • WWW.Omegle.Client
  • WWW.Omegle.TTY

Was pretty fun to implement. The client library makes use of the StateT monad transformer (easy examples) to wrap the Omegle state (specifically, the Omegle ID). The TTY thing uses STM for inter-thread communication. So, despite the fact that I’m probably never going to use it, it was a fun foray into some fun Haskell features.



June 26th, 2009 | Category: Random

Well 4scrape is back up, dicks, etc.

Yesterday I hacked out some code which I cleaned up tonight. Not going to bother explaining what it is — just going to link it. It’s pretty obvious what it’s used for (LOL). Probably going to rig up something so that renders through hscolor instead of just being served as text/plain; will append the source to this post once it’s ready.

I’m completely reorganizing my code and shit. Before, I had a ~/dev/ which contained a directory for each project I worked on. There was no place for common code, so I ended up having multiple copies of shitloads of files everywhere. That’s shit. It’s a nightmare to maintain — makes it impossible to find anything and makes starting new projects a fucking hassle.

Instead, this time I’m keeping everything (at least, the Haskell stuff) in a single hierarchical directory and keeping it all backed up in a remote repository (a jail on Kirakishou). That way, starting a new project (ie, WWW.HsColorizer) is really easy and doesn’t become a mess.

etc. meh.

Update: Finished writing a FastCGI script which runs requested files through HsColourize before serving. The source can be viewed through itself here. Huzzah. (though I still need to tweak the hell out of the default CSS shit so it isn’t so bright fuck yeah got my darkies up in here).



June 23rd, 2009 | Category: Random

455785d1ff3869b642fea479110a35a5_19ccBefore the shitstorm hits . Yes, there are offsite backups for all the stuff on there but meh probably going to be awhile before I’m arsed to actually restore it. Kind of want to rewrite the damn thing again. I cbf’d to put the images in a torrent or whatever because they’re all shit anyway. RIP.

And I csup‘d a bad kernel last night on my laptop or something because it panicked a couple minutes ago. Naturally this means spending the rest of the night dicking around with it to get a crash dump (it didn’t leave one FUUUUUUUUUUU) then dicking around in gdb to find the cause of the crash (or just posting the traces to the mailing list). <3

Pic potentially related to binge drinking for the past week.


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