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October 27th, 2006 | Category: Uncategorized

lol, so my dial-up punishment period is officially over. Hooray.

Also, apparently someone caught on to my abuse of the UNIX cluster. Specifically, I’ve been transferring data off via Apache – throw it into the public_html folder and then downloading it from there. Well, this morning, Apache redirected requests for *.avi and *.mp3 files to port 8880, which is a dummy port, which made wget spaz out a little. (HTTP 302: FOUND… Waiting for response…)

Granted, changing the extension on the file easily got around that.

The way I see it, they really can’t stop me from tunneling through the cluster without blocking access completely somehow. I dunno though, I’ve never done that kind of networking stuff, and I have to take Computer Architecture before I can take the Networks course.

In any case, if they block file transfers by reading in header information, I’ll XOR encrypt the data; if they block transfers of large files I’ll write my own transfer program instead of going through Apache.

As Tron3k said it best – it would be cool if I had a nemesis sitting on the other end playing these games with me. I guess we’ve been watching too much Death Note ;)

Episode 4 out today/tommorrow!! :D

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October 23rd, 2006 | Category: Uncategorized

So yeah, haven’t been posting recently. Mainly because I haven’t been on the internet much the past couple days. Mainly because

ITC has limited your network bandwidth speed to 56kbps (modem speed) for 7 days effective 2006-10-20. This limitation only impacts commodity Internet traffic. The limitation is applied to all computers registered to you.

I have a couple ways of bypassing it, of course, but they all involve one of the UNIX clusters and I’d rather not push my luck with something I can get in too much trouble with. Though… I guess I am downloading over a GB/day with the UNIX cluster :X

But yeah.

So we’re working with IBCM (Itty Bitty Computing Machine or something like that), which is like a crippled version of x86: only 1 register, no stack, and only 15 opcodes. Its pretty weird, yet straight-forward (we start x86 next week).

Anyway, its lol because they want us to convert something like this:

   jmp     start
rah     dw      0
rawr    dw      0
rawk    dw      0
start   readH
        store   rah
        store   rawr
        store   rawk
        add     rawr
        add     rah
        jmpe    end
        jmp     start
end     load    rah
        load    rawr
        load    rawk

to this:


By hand. LOL. So I opened up my compiler for the first time today and, well, wrote what could be considered a compiler I guess. I like to think of it as an encoder, because it essentially encodes the opcodes into… numerical… opcodes. Or something.

Considering I have to write some sorting algorithms in IBCM tommorrow morning, I think it’ll have saved me a considerable amount of time.

I wanted to also write a better debugging environment than the one provided (which crashes like tissue paper) but the mere thought of MFC turned me off to that. So lol.

So yeah. I’m not dead. Yet.



October 22nd, 2006 | Category: Uncategorized




October 15th, 2006 | Category: Uncategorized

Whoops, got a little too drunk last night and made an ass of myself at a friend’s house (after going there from the party). They were watching Xena/Hercules and I had to keep stepping out of the room for like half-hours at a time to go expel from both ends. It was pretty gross.

But yeah. Went to an OC Remix party (LOL it was a sausage fest, as predicted) and was chugging jungle juice so I could get wasted. Then they were like “HEY YOU WE NEED ANOTHER PERSON TO PLAY FLIPCUP” and I was like “Oh okay shit“. I’ve never played like they do – ‘surviver flipcup’, normally just play a couple rounds but these guys took it seriously.

Too bad they sucked ass at it lols. First, I’m used to playing with full cups of beer. They only put like one gulp in each cup. One of the guys saw me with my half-full cup of jungle juice and was like “lol you’ve got too much thar” and I was like “bring it”. I drank it as fast as he drank his, then didn’t fail to flip the cup.

Had all the pledges on my team (they were eliminated) so it was down to me and a brother to take on basically the entire other team. Which means we each had to do 2-3 cups per game. Uughhhhh. At least we won. Har har!

ITT what you did this weekend.



October 12th, 2006 | Category: Uncategorized

Whoo, I’m busy busy. I was daydreaming the other day in class, wondering where all my time goes. I mentally compiled a list of shit I do during the day, and I was amazed at the amount of stuff I ‘get done’. I have to say, this is probably the busiest I’ve ever been -

Weekly Tasks-

  • Linear Algebra Homework (0.5-1.5 hours)

  • Probability Homework (0.5-1.5 hours)
  • CS Lab Preparation (0.5-1.5 hours)
  • Assorted other schoolwork (1-2 hours)

Total: 2.5-6.5 hours/week on schoolwork

Daily Tasks-

  • Azumanga Daioh currently, or some other series (1 hour)

  • Sword of Truth (2-5 hours)
  • Kingdom of Loathing (0.5-1 hours)
  • Maplestory (0.5-1 hours)
  • DEFCON (0.5-1 hours)
  • 4chan (0.5-1 hours)
  • Programming (0.5-1 hours)

Total: 6-9 hours/day on ‘fun’ ~ 35-40 hours/week

Shit, my life is going to suck when I have to get a job… which is going to have to be soon as I only have $800 to my name and the Wii is being released next month… grah.

At least I’m getting really good grades (almost all A’s so far) this semester. Devoting more time to schoolwork worked wonders.

How does everyone else appropriate their time? What do you try to maximize in life?


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