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February 29th, 2008 | Category: Random

So I scored the lowest grade in the class for that mesh decimation project. And I scored the lowest grade in the class on my Advanced Architecture exam (lol, I guess I fell asleep the day he was talking about the implementation details of precise interrupts on the x86 architecture?) I took my Programming Languages exam today, won’t get the grade back until tomorrow. I’m hoping I passed it.

Ironically, the only course I’m doing well in is the one I don’t give a shit about – Introduction to Philosophy. Arguably, it’s because it’s a first-year bullshit course that everyone passes, but lawds. I got a B- on the bullshit paper I wrote for it, I might post it on a day where I have nothing else to talk about.

Spring break thankfully starts tomorrow (or, as soon as I finish this assignment for Architecture…) and I’m looking forward to it. Not that I’ll probably be doing anything different than I normally do during the schoolweek, but at least I’ll have the peace of mind that me sleeping for 14 hours at a time is causing me to fail classes (at least, it won’t during break).

nowankshell.JPGGranted this isn’t true at all, since I have a shitton of work to do over break (ie, another graphics project – procedural seashells, and I need to get MapGuide installed on our sandbox machine at work).

In the meanwhile, I started writing my own terminal for Windows, because the “” terminal is absolute shit (no fucking copy-paste context menu wtf), and all the “alternative” terminals I found (ie, Console) were just too goddamn bloated with excessive flashy wank.

Mine has a few bugs right now (doesn’t have the fancy up-arrow bullshit, and has some echoing bugs and some backspace issues), but it’s much fucking closer to my ideal terminal. I’m still debating whether or not it’s worthwhile to bother to make my own shitty shell.

I think I might just compile tcsh and run it through NoFlashyTerminal or something. lawds.

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February 26th, 2008 | Category: Random

Just wanted to post this – FreeBSD Network Virtualization for -CURRENT. Looks fucking awesome, I hope the political dust on the -CURRENT mailing list settles down a bit and they can actually start working that into the source tree. Awesome possibilities there.

Also, the project I’m working on at work got allocated a shitton of money for dedicated hardware that the shit I’m writing is going to be running off of (well, more specifically, most of the hardware is going to be running all the data crunching stuff that I have no part in, but it’s all part of the giant 10+ tier GIS Web2.0Portal that we’re developing and I still haven’t gotten the fucking web framework that we purchased to compile yet and ugghhhhhh killll meeeeee).

Balance those parens.

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oh my — i shit myself laughing

February 22nd, 2008 | Category: Random


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February 21st, 2008 | Category: Random

Robot9000 is a fucking brilliant concept. I hadn’t read about it until moot implemented it, but goddamn. It seriously is possibly one of those few great ideas which will advance the future of our internet as we understand it.

Also, lol, turns out summer courses are expensive. Looks like I won’t be buying anything for awhile :(

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February 20th, 2008 | Category: Random

So I’m dropping out of that class, simply because I don’t have a thesis topic. Or, I have a thesis topic, but don’t have a technical adviser for that topic. It’s a really shitty topic anyway, TBH. I mean, I just pulled it from this blog lulz shittiness is guarenteed.

Ultimately this means I’m going to be at least 3 credits short for a degree. Which means I’d be best off taking at least one course over the summer. Not too big of a deal since I’ll be working here anyway.

Checking the prices for those summer courses, it comes out to roughly $1000 for the first course, $750 for subsequent courses T_T

Which means if my parents get pissed at me and refuse to pay for something which was clearly avoidable and such, I’m gonna have to either give up food or my hardware purchasing addictions. And I think I know which one is going to win out over the other. And I’m not sure I can survive that long…

Though honestly, there aren’t that many more things I’m planning on buying, simply because wtfbbq absolutely no one will fucking let me use 3U of rackspace anywhere in the world without paying $750/month (an actual quote I requested T_T). SERIOUSLY GUIZ.

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