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I Hate Bureaucracy

June 30th, 2008 | Category: Random

There hasn’t been any spam lately, alas I cannot continue posting the excellent content they provide. Instead, I’m going to rant about the bullshit bureaucratics that I’m sure everyone experiences when working within a sufficiently large organization.

I’m a stupid loudmouth who doesn’t know when to keep his trap shut, so my typical philosophy is to make sure people know that I think they’re doing their job incorrectly when their actions prevent me from fulfilling my tasks. I think I end up stepping on a lot of toes (thankfully I haven’t stepped too hard so far), but I know one of these days I’m going to fuck up royally and step on the wrong person.

The problem is, everyone has their own ideas about how things should be done. I’m a “just fucking get it working and be done with it” person who really could give a shit about going through the proper channels. For the projects they’ve been giving me (shit no one else really wants to do that’s been sitting on the backburner and needs to get done) my methods work fairly well. But one of the projects I’m currently assigned to is a new development thing currently in the planning stages; actual prototyping won’t even start before September.

It’s frustrating as hell, because we’re sitting at a table discussing all the “should-be”, “should-do” and “should-have”s, and honestly I had to restrain myself from saying stupid shit like “that’s a terrible idea, not only would it be convoluted and haphazard to implement, but would be fairly useless in the long run” and “what the fuck are you talking about — autonomous metadata collection is simple as shit and there’s no reason you need to prompt the user for information on every file they upload”. Thankfully I can bite my tongue during formal meetings.

It’s in informal environments where I can’t just shut up and end up bitching about the way things work. Most of the people around where I work kind of agree with me so it’s not too bad, but I have a feeling that I’m really going to screw up one of these days and someone’s going to get really pissed. Or everyone’s going to slowly but surely grow tired of my stupid fucking antics.

I just really hate bureaucratics.


ITT Expert Markov Chains

June 28th, 2008 | Category: Random

Hardly having shuddered from a night cool. In carelessly thrown hood it. The patrician has pulled out a pillow on the left cot from under a coverlet, has lent it to passion. Every day she should see the man. It also has ruined it. Raise. Therefore, the author confirms women very much. Its thoughts were switched to another. Language she felt smooth, gentle. I will make to you of anything bad! I will caress you! – I have gently nestled to that huge sosochki. And rich appliances.

To the emphasis and then our stomachs closely adjoined with each other. Ninty visitors it has stood on a threshold in a ridiculous pose, holding a heavy basket — I will try the next weeks to take out and immerse in me the sexual member. Adviga has risen at a door and has pushed Christina into my office. I stood, lips and language. It has covered with kisses my eyes and, at last, having fallen semigroan/semiroar. Except this rate she already could feel nothing: the first night is tested by a conditional orgasm, and it is very important for cash, but when I have tried not so densely to nestle, any noise and it with a fright has turned in my party.

Represent, the girl also has told: “Lora, has risen on chetverenki?”. That has complied with the request — Me expects? What?

Been refactoring the goddamn search on 4scrape. 4scrape is now amazingly indexed by Google – removing a fairly restrictive robots.txt helped quite a bit. I’m considering buying some advertisements for 4scrape, which now has a small space for advertisements on the random page (probably won’t put any more than that), but since there’s no user-generated content on the side (and since you can’t see how many people are browsing it) it’d only be to make my penis feel bigger.

Also, Victor, what the fuck.



June 26th, 2008 | Category: Random

I went to Yoshinoya a while ago; you know, Yoshinoya?

Well anyways there were an insane number of people there, and I couldn’t get in. Then, I looked at the banner hanging from the ceiling, and it had “150 yen off” written on it. Oh, the stupidity. Those idiots.

You, don’t come to Yoshinoya just because it’s 150 yen off, fool. It’s only 150 yen, 1-5-0 YEN for crying out loud. There are even entire families here. Family of 4, all out for some Yoshinoya, huh? How fucking nice. “Alright, daddy’s gonna order the extra-large.” God I can’t bear to watch. You people, I’ll give you 150 yen if you get out of those seats.

Yosinoya should be a bloody place. That tense atmosphere, where two guys on opposite sides of the U-shaped table can start a fight at any time, the stab-or-be-stabbed mentality, that’s what’s great about this place. Women and children should screw off and stay home.

Anyway, I was about to start eating, and then the bastard beside me goes “extra-large, with extra sauce.” Who in the world orders extra sauce now-a-days, you moron? I want to ask him, “do you REALLY want to eat it with extra sauce?” I want to interrogate him. I want to interrogate him for roughly an hour. Are you sure you don’t just want to try saying “extra sauce”?

Coming from a Yoshinoya veteran such as myself, the latest trend among us vets is this: extra green onion. That’s right, extra green onion. This is the vet’s way of eating. Extra green onion means more green onion than sauce. But on the other hand the price is a tad higher. This is the key. And then, it’s delicious. This is unbeatable.

However, if you order this then there is a danger that you’ll be marked by the employees from the next time on; it’s a double-edged sword. I can’t recommend it to amateurs.

Also, I just ordered the 12 volumes of Claymore which are available in English. fap fap fap. Better go finish building that bookcase.



June 25th, 2008 | Category: Random

Hooray, internet at home again!

Todo List

  • Consider installing Trac or something.
  • Fix the thread_id=0 thing in the database, ensure all the old migrated data has the right thread_id.
  • Change the scraper so it doesn’t throw out images it can’t thumbnail. Done
  • Go through the database and figure out which images are missing a thumbnail and which images are just plain missing.
  • Change the thread display so that images which exist but have no thumbnail just show a thumbnail stub or something.
  • Try and fetch any missing images.
  • Rename the advsearch templates and shit so they’re more standardized.
  • Remove, replace it with (and update the appropriate files.
  • Branch the title of advsearch.tpl depending on whether it was a search or an advanced search.
  • Pull the bounding code out of such that just contains the post searching code and the related caching stuff.
  • Use the bounding code to add bounding capabilities to
  • Add a feature which takes a set of constraints and 302′s to a random image which matches those constraints (for remote wallpaper auto-changer).
  • Write remote wallpaper auto-changer script for self.
  • Really seriously consider installing Trac.


As a final personal note, vegetable oil only makes a mediocre personal lubricant.



June 22nd, 2008 | Category: Random

It seems like my life the past week or so has been all about 4scrape. Trying to get the goddamn page indexed by Google, trying to fix all the features, trying to keep the scraper from tearing itself to pieces, etc.

It’s a bit aggravated by the fact that I have no internet at home right now, so I can’t actually work on it from my bed. Instead I have to come into the office at work when I can and hack apart pieces there. I guess that’s okay, since I have a nice chair and desk at work, but whatever.

Work is shitty as usual. I have a meeting on Monday to discuss the project I’ve been assigned to — the idea is to build a generic scholarly repository where you can throw anything into it, then it becomes indexable and you can attach events and shit to the data, etc, going to be a massive shitfest. Especially since the whole thing is going to be done with Java webservices, which are horribly inefficient Enterprise pieces of shit.

There was a meeting last week about our new development infrastructure — the systems guys bought a couple of giant monster machines (each with 24GB of RAM) specifically to run virtual machine instances (estimated to have enough juice to run somewhere between 40-100 VM instances) to have pure development environments so that we can test stuff before we deploy it on the production clusters. Since I’m one of the two people with a project ready for deployment, I requested a VM instance so that I could prepare my shit for deployment.

The email I got back (indirectly, of course) was “We don’t have enough resources to give everyone their own VM”. Disregard the fact that I just need it for 3-5 hours to, you know, actually understand what kind of environment I’m going to deploy to so I can actually write instructions which work for the deployer.

It’s all politics, really.

So we’re going around my boss and cannibalizing a machine behind his back to use as a test environment and it, again, is a giant shitfest. Fucking politics.

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