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pMushu->bankBalance += MAKE_DOLLARS( 511 );

Nothing much else happened in my life today. I mean, I played a little SCO, but there were no huge epic raids or anything today. Some guys from my brigade and I flew into an enemy stronghold (Site of Den B) and got asswhooped, then retreated, then asswhooped them back when they countered, then re-countered and got asswhooped, then asswhooped again on defense, and then we (both sides) were like ‘wtf’ and tacitly decided to not raid into the defenses of the other.

Kind of a boring, indecisive battle by both sides.

So, I’ve decided to go ahead and show some pictures of some previous epic battles.

This first image is a screenie of some of the guys in my brigade gathering for the assault on Anubis, the BCU mothership. We’ve got about 30-40 members in the brigade, but usually there are only 10-12 on at any one time. There were 100+ people on each side during that battle, but I think Archwizard posted some pics up of it, so I won’t bother with repeat stuff. We did destroy their mothership successfully :]

The next day we defended Horus, our mothership. Here’s a screenie of our defensive grid around the main entrance to the map the mothership was on. We successfully prevented them from doing _any_ damage for the first 90 minutes (of 120 minutes they had to destroy it). Then, fuck, somehow they managed to take the behemoth down in the last half hour. Oh well.

Yeah. That’s a lot of defenses. Ultimately, though, they break through, because the attacking force is usually just as large as the defending force. So. The defenses crack, and you end up with something like this -

Crazy dogfighting central, with missles and gunfire everywhere. Its pretty chaotic – there is no “Hey, I’m going to kill that guy” – you shoot whatever the hell is in front of you while you try to evade the crap being shot at you. Here’s a closeup of a similar battle -

But yeah. Hurrr.



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Hi. Its been a while. How about some updates, eh?

  1. I got my paycheck from Target fixed. I went in, and she (the HR lady) was like BAM! with timestamp documents and claimed that all my hours were there and I was like BAM! with the paycheck documents and she looked over them again and said they agreed with each other and then I asked for a calculator and did some simple algebra and showed that the fundamental premise that they agreed was wrong and she was like “so that means we owe you 2 hours” and I was like “no, that means you fucked something up” and then some other HR person came in and took a look at the documents and was like “lolz guys you didn’t pay him a week’s worth of pay” and they ended up giving me a document to exchange for cash which I did and now I’m happy but still quitting probably last week so I can play more SCO and this was a longer run-on sentence than .lastburritoforawhile so do I win the prize?

  2. I’m officially a “regular” on the bus around here. The nice bus-driver lady gave me some licorice today :)
  3. Bloody epic battles in SCO – every 100,000 kills nationally, the other nation spawns a mothership deep in their territory that your nation gets to go try and slay (while they attempt to defend). ANI (we) had ours a couple days ago, then BCU (them) had theirs the next day. Both motherships were destroyed. Yeah. We all suck at defending.
  4. Now, okay, lolz, who registered the account ‘jsgongwon’? That’s the name of one of the GMs/Admins of SCO, and you’d have to be familiar with the game to know that. After doing some googles of possible queries they might have done, I’m pretty doubtful that the real jsgongwon stumbled onto my journal, and decided to register an account. But hey. Who knows? (You guys are looking for that memory leak, right? )

Three days in 2 minutes. A new record for me, I think, if not in any way syntatically correct. Hur hur hur. Going to try to reach level 43 tonight in SCO – still too lazy to post screenshots of EPIC battles.



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You know, I go on and on about SCO, but I truly love this game. The massive battles are just… insane. I guess WoW probably has the same dynamic with the raids and such, but I’ve never played WoW, so I can’t make the comparison. From what I’ve heard though, you have to be level 50-60 to be of any use on the raids, wheras in SCO, we welcome all levels to defend our territory, simply because cannon fodder = good.

I am cannon fodder.

Last night we led an awesome offensive into the furthest enemy map. It was insane. We didn’t bother to maintain control over the maps, it was just clear, move on, clear, until the end. Insane, nonetheless.

In responce, BCU has launched a series of raids on a massive scale. We’re talking bigger than anything I’ve ever seen before. ANI held out for a while, but eventually they broke through our blockade and everything went, well, downhill from there. When I logged off, we were getting pushed back pretty fast with little hope of recovery…

Why won’t these damn pictures upload… grr. I’ll just interspace them between all that text so it doesn’t look like I was just typing because my up-speed sucks.

Anyway. I pilot a B-Gear, which is essentially an all-around ship, but primarily used for bombing. Sure, I can dogfight okay, but when it comes to taking out tanks (A-Gears) I fucking pwn. Seriously. Start out with a low angle and slow approach until they’re within range of my guns. Normally they’re in formation camping a gateway, so they’re all looking up. Then BOOM! The first volley hits them, and I rip loose with more missles and start firing the guns as I move in. By the time they know what’s going on, they’re just pwnt.

Its really awesome to see an A-Gear formation scatter after a couple of these runs. Makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. The best part is, if I can get within 100m and stay within that small circle, they can’t even touch me because of their primary weapon’s minimum range. Its crazah.

Granted, when an interceptor comes along I’m basically screwed. I mean, I might dodge the first few volleys they throw at me, but in the end I’m almost always out manuevered. I simply can’t match their high turning speeds. That and their skills are a little overpowered. Once I get to level 60-70 I’ll be the one with the overpowered skills. But that’s at least a couple more months off.

And lol, I completely forgot to compress the pictures (JPG, anyone?) which would explain why its taking so damn long. I’ll post them tommorrow or something, too lazy to do it now. I want to get back in-game and see how far we’ve been pushed back



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So I got my paycheck today, and put it in my pocket. But of course, during the 45 minute walk back home a thunderstorm fucking pops out of nowhere and starts torrenting pr0nrain everywhere and I get soaked and the paycheck got totally drenched and its sitting on my bed right now drying out. Thankfully the fucktards use waterproof ink.

All that doesn’t really matter, since the shitheads completely screwed me out of at least $150 on the damn thing. Seriously. This pay period was 2 weeks, and this check was only $20 more than the last pay period, which was one week. Did they think I wouldn’t fucking notice?!


So they’re going to recount my punches to find out the right number of hours and pay me accordingly. Thanks. Considering the entire system is fucking automated, I don’t see what the hell would cause it to completely barf all over everything. I’m quitting at the end of next week, so it’ll be over soon.

Or will it? I have yet to cash the first paycheck, and I was just looking at it when I walked in. Guess what? They fucking jipped me on that one too. Shitheads. Now, I go into work at 5AM. From 5-8AM, I’m supposed to get an extra $0.50/hour because its bright and fucking early in the morning. Did they pay me that? No. They didn’t. And when you work 5 days a week, that comes to almost $10. Normally I wouldn’t give a damn, but since they fucked me over so much already, I’m going to give them hell.

I think all the fucking managers should be shot and replaced by capable engineers who actually know how to get shit done right. Seriously.


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