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Okay, so I’ve got a start on the GUI article thingy.


Any comments/suggestions/stuff-I-should-do before I continue on with the bulk of the article? Right now I’ve got a bloated 8 pages, but I haven’t even started talking about half of the subsystems and how control types are derived to separate functionality from style :|



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I feel detached.

So I was sitting in my technical writing course, and the professor is talking about a paper we turned in last week. So she says, “..and those of you who did so-and-so after I told you not to..” *looks directly at me* “..failed the paper.”

Whoo. pMushu->_failureCount++;

The really funny part is, I didn’t (and don’t) really care. I’ll probably drop out of college either this semester or the next, simply because I really don’t care. I guess its just a means to an end for me, the end being having a job (or two) to get money to live off of. I’ve no real life goals or motivations or anything.

I guess the only way to describe how I feel is “detached”. I feel alone – I walk down the street every day with no expectations of myself, no plans for anything. People pass me, talking of what they’ll be doing in a month, or a year, or a decade. And I sit there wondering what kind of dressing I’ll put on my salad for lunch.

Dysfunctionality. To me, its defined solely by the actions of everyone else; who are they to define how the rest of us behave? Why does everything have to be so cut-and-dry: do this, benefit. Do that, benefit. A system of rules, complicated redundant and pointless.

In any case, the end game is constant – I get a job. I make money. I grow old and die, perhaps leaving progeny behind to continue the vicious cycle of growth, production, and death. A needless slave bounded to a society bent on material gain.

As a completely unrelated side note, I’m considering writing an article (slash series of articles, though it shouldn’t be that long) on how to write a GUI system. Partially because I need to review its inner workings again. It should be interesting.

I’m off to go get that salad I was fanatising about. Mmm… with a nice vinagrette dressing. That’ll do nicely :)



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Got down and dirty with the GUI code today – I’m revamping the event listener function prototypes so that they can choose to “eat” the event, preventing it from getting passed to any more controls.

I should have thought of that from the start – I’ve had to make an unbelievable amount of changes in code to achieve this.

This also gave me a chance to look over (ie, figure out) the month-old GUI code. Its really pretty complicated, now that I look back at it. I think my favorite moments were when I saw this, the hackish way the main GUI object binds itself to the EventAdapter (which acts as an abstracted interface between polling the system for events and converting those into my events). It could have been reduced in size with some typedefs, but meh. This way looks more intimidating.

The other part that made me lol was when I was debugging a bug which was causing the system to crash (an invalid iterator). I tracked the code down to a region which begins with the very helpful comment

// mess.

to which I could only reply “LOL.”



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there are 11 types of people,
those who have the first kind of herpes, those
who have the second kind of herpes, and Washu.


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