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May 30th, 2005 | Category: Uncategorized

Original post by mikeman
Oh come on. If MindWipe or Mushu or whatever had posted a thread about how he lost his car which turned out to be parked in the other side of the road, this thread would be 14 pages long.

I almost did post a thread to test this theory… decided to post here instead. Yay for having your own personal crap forum



May 30th, 2005 | Category: Uncategorized

  • Random Observation of the Day
    Chicks dig giant robots!

I tried to beat MindWipe’s .. record today. His was 8, I’m up to 5 so far (my old record). Pretty frickin’ hard to get more than that, though (no, pun intended).

Just… don’t ask.

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May 29th, 2005 | Category: Uncategorized
  • random observation of the day!!




May 26th, 2005 | Category: Uncategorized

Ugh, I’m starting to get sick of Maplestory, the internet, and computers on the whole…

I’m thirsty.

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#entry NataliePortman+1

May 23rd, 2005 | Category: Uncategorized

Well, if you missed yesterdays.. discussion.. some very fiinnee points were brought up about the body of Natalie Portman. mmmMMMmmm.

Anyway, for the past like 2 days, people (ITRW) have been asking me if I smoke marijana… ITS A COLD/ALLERGIES, DAMMIT! grr…

  • Random Observatino of the Day!
    LOL PS3 controller! (courtesy of ArchWizard: linky)
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